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Alan's 1918 H-D

 Seat is incorrect, of course.  And the existing paint is obviously not correct, either.  But it has served to preserve the metal surfaces.  This bike is for sale.  If interested, give us a call at the shop.  We'll forward your information to Alan, directly.


1918-at-340-pxls-a.jpg  1918-at-340-pxls-b.jpg

1918-at-340-pxls-g.jpg  1918-at-340-pxls-h.jpg





L-R: Tom, Terry, Richard, Tony, & Anthony



Chris Kallas' 1971 Shovelhead

Chris is one of the most proficient vintage bike enthusiasts we know.  And we enjoy consulting with him regarding the authenticity and correct use of OEM parts, particularly for the late Panhead and early Shovel.